Nexus 7 vs iPad Mini: Can’t Pick? Read This

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Are you having a tough time choosing between the Google Nexus 7 and the Apple iPad Mini? If so you must have seen numerous comparisons between both the tablets on tech blogs and YouTube. However if you still can’t find an answer, you may want to check out this recent post on Reddit which has opinions from real users of both tablets.

Google Nexus 7 vs iPad Mini

In the Reddit post, one reader had asked how the Apple iPad Mini compares to the Google Nexus 7 as they wanted to go out and purchase one or the other that very day. They also asked that people not be bias, however how could they not be when the forum they were talking in was an Apple sub-reddit.

One of the answers was that it all depended on whether you were an iPhone guy, if so then the Apple iPad Mini would be the natural choice. This is mainly because you you wouldn’t find yourself confused like you would the first time you picked up the Google Nexus 7.

Another reader said that if you knew the ecosystem it shouldn’t be an issue, but that Android does take some getting used to if you have iOS. They also pointed out that if you have apps on another Apple device you wouldn’t have to go out and buy apps again. They said they had heard that the apps on Android were mediocre in comparison to the ones on the App Store. In our recent review of the Google Nexus 7, we did explain something similar as well. We mentioned that unlike the App Store, the Google Play Store didn’t have as many tablet-optimized apps at its disposal.

Other comments included one person saying that they owned both of the devices and you cannot wrong with either of them. They said that the Google Nexus 7 had the better display and form factor and they thought that the notifications on Android were better than on iOS 6.

The Android system was the best if you liked modding, while Apple products “just work.”

Someone else said that they had used both and the Apple iPad Mini had the best quality and more apps. But they thought that the Google Nexus 7 was a close contender for the Apple iPad Mini.

One reader went into the specs of the devices saying that the Google Nexus had the higher resolution display and the 7 inch screen, while the Apple iPad Mini resolution was bad considering today’s standards.

Another comment was that both of the devices were fantastic when it came to hardware, functionality, OS and ecosystem. However they thought that the Google Nexus 7 had the slight edge thanks to design and hardware. In the end they said that the best would be the one that you felt most comfortable with when it comes to the OS i.e. Android Jelly Bean or iOS 6. Check out the full thread as you are bound to find that little nugget which will tip the scales in either on one of the tablet’s favors.

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