Google Nexus 7 To Get Chocolatey On Us

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We have not heard from Google or Huawei yet but it is believed that they might be working on a new tablet and it is speculated that the new tablet could be the highly requested Google Nexus 7.

Fans of the Google Nexus 7 has been begging Google to come out with a new and updated version of the tablet and it looks like we might be seeing that this year. The fans were hoping that the upcoming new Google Nexus 7 will come with an 8inch 4:3 aspect ratio this time around although they were some that won’t mind getting the 16:9 aspect ratio back.

If they really are working on a new Google Nexus 7 tablet, the device will most likely come in with the upcoming new Android 7.0 N. We have already seen some of the upgrades that Google has planned for the new OS. As for the name, nobody really knows for sure that the next OS will be called but Nutella seems to be a favourite.

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