Google Nexus 7: Can You Use It As Your Primary Phone?

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Since the Samsung Galaxy Tab was launched years ago, a common question that seems to pop up in the small tablet arena is whether it can replace your smartphone and make calls? In particular, the Nexus 7 with its low price tag and top-end hardware has reignited this question. Before we give you the answer, check this:

Is the Nexus 7 too big to be used as a phone? Yup…. But could it be done? Not exactly….. And should you? Nope.

Google Nexus 7: can it be your primary phone?

The problem with the Google Nexus 7 is that it actually doesn’t make calls. Sure it has GSM bands that support AT&T and T-Mobile but this is blocked from making cellular calls. Otherwise you would see many customers ditching those expensive plans for a cheaper tablet plan. If anything, you could do VoIP calls.

Now even if you do bypass the voice blocks normally applied by carriers to tablet plans, it still doesn’t cut it. For one, sound quality wouldn’t be the best unless you’re going to buy a Bluetooth headset as well for your Google Nexus 7.

So if you really want a big display again, pick a phablet like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. If that isn’t big enough there are other options coming like the Huawei Ascend Mate with a 6.1-inch display. If price is an issue, you can settle for an LG Nexus 4 which also costs $299 like a Nexus 7 3G.

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