Nexus 7 Or iPad Mini: Here’s How To Choose

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Two of the small tablets which cause the most confusion are the Apple iPad Mini and the Google Nexus 7. If you are deciding between the two it may come down to whether you prefer android or iOS. Of course there is also the battery, the display and the price consider.

If you want to spend $329 then you might choose the 16 GB version of the Apple iPad mini with Wi-Fi. This happens to be easier to carry around than the iPad 4 with retina display. The Google Nexus 7 is excellent for customisation and the Wi-Fi version costs $199. This makes it the cheapest of course. Both of the devices have sharp screens so which would you choose?

When it comes to design Apple is in front and the Apple iPad mini is the better looking of the two devices. However the Google Nexus 7 does have great looks too, it is slender and the plastic back is soft touch, however Apple still beat it.

When it comes to the display the Google Nexus 7 comes with a higher PPI which makes the screen better than the one on the Apple iPad mini. However Asus and Google did cut corners and this resulted in the calibration being off. Colours on the Google Nexus 7 are not as good as on the Apple iPad mini. The Apple iPad mini text is also sharper and colours and contrast are much clearer. This means that photos and videos look a lot better on the larger screen of the Apple iPad mini.

If you are on a budget the Google Nexus 7 may come out on top and the only devices within the price range are the Nook HD and the Kindle fire HD. Google tries to keep their prices low as they know this will bring in customers. Apple on the other hand is all about build quality and superb design. The crew will work on the Apple iPad to ensure that its design and software are amazing. However the Google Nexus 7 is cheaper by $129. You can get the 3G Google Nexus 7 for $299, while the Apple iPad mini LTE will cost you $459, which means there is a large difference.

When it comes to performance and the operating system you will be choosing between iOS and Android 4.1. The Google Nexus 7 comes with project butter and this means that apps run smooth, however the Google Nexus 7 was upgraded to Android 4.2 and this slowed the device down.

The Google Nexus seven comes with plenty of customisation choices, it has shortcuts for apps, multiple home screens and users can put custom ROMs on the device. With iOS you don’t get these choices.

In regards to hardware the Google Nexus seven comes with the quad core chip of 1.2 GHz, the Apple iPad mini has the A5 dual core chip, however this is powerful enough to run iOS. The Google Nexus 7 wins when it comes to processors, however the Apple iPad mini GPU means that the Apple iPad mini is not far behind.

Of course tablets run on apps and this means that the Apple iPad mini wins over the Google Nexus 7. This is thanks to it having many more apps that have been optimised for tablets than the Google Nexus 7 has in the Google Play Store.

Battery wise both of the tablets have good batteries and you should get around 8.5 hours from the Google Nexus and 10 hours from the Apple iPad mini, which means that the Apple iPad mini wins.

Both of the tablets are equal and so the choice may come down to OS, the price and whether or not you want LTE.

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