Google Nexus 7 Getting Nutella But No Time Not To Like It

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If you have the Google Nexus 7 then you are probably hoping that Nutella is going to be offered for it. Nutella is of course going to bring with it plenty of upgrades. Now people are also hoping that the device is going to be upgraded and that it comes with an 8 inch display and 4:3 aspect ratio.

Some people made the move to the iPad but they still remain very much on the side of Android and many are hoping that the Google Nexus 7 does get an upgrade. Who knows maybe it will tempt those who moved away, back. We haven’t heard anything negative about Nutella so this is good for developers.

For now people are keeping their fingers crossed that the Nexus 7 does get the aspect ratio upgrade to 4:3, but what about you?

Would you like to see the Nexus 7 get upgraded to 8 inch and 4:3 aspect ratio?

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  1. David Woodward

    May 7, 2016 at 5:37 am

    4:3 on a 7-8″ tablet? Pleae, no. I’d say probably anything smaller than 9″ should probably stick with the standard phone/phablet aspect ratio. Otherwise you end up with either lost real estate that apps expect in the “would be” vertical direction, or a DPI that makes the interface impossible without a stylus.

    Besides, the thing I love most about my 7 (2013 – LTE) is that it’s large, but still pocketable (for men’s clothing anyway). I pretty much use it like a phone (because I never *talk* on them anyway). So, if it were square I would completely lose interest because I’m betting it wouldn’t fit in my pocket anymore.

    I’d be perfectly happy if they just released the same exact shell and screen with the rest of it updated. I don’t need quad HD. I suspect I would disable force touch or 3D touch or whatever it’s called even if it were there. And, I don’t really feel like I need any more than LTE either.

    Just give me a faster processor, USB type C, better GPS, maybe a finger print reader, and better cameras and I’m good. Leave the rest of it exactly as it is. I’ve even come to realize I need a little bezzle. So, I wouldn’t even say mess with the bezzles either (none of the edge to edge screen that you can’t pick up without accidentally touching something).