$99 Google Nexus 7 Tipped For January Launch

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Google released the Nexus 7 and 10 tablets and proved that Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy tablets had serious competition in their hands.

2nd-gen Google Nexus 7 tipped for CES, $99 base price

Due to the fact that there are less people out there who have disposable income, the idea of a Google budget Nexus tablet has proven to be very popular. With this in mind rumours have been going around about a newer Google Nexus tablet that will retail for just $99. Product-Reviews reports that this could become reality as preparation for its launch has been tipped for CES in 2013.

When Google was preparing to launch their Nexus 7 tablet earlier this year they did let some leaks out and it looks as though the same thing is happening this time around. The first leak was by way of a photo and it seems that the same thing has happened again as an image has been seen on Picasa of the ME172V tablet, which is said to be the Google Nexus tablet for $99.

At the moment there isn’t a great deal known about the tablet, which will run Android. However it is said to come with a processor of 1GHz, have 1GB of RAM, 400MHz Mali GPU and a camera on the front of 1 megapixel. Of course you cannot expect a Google Nexus tablet with a price tag of $99 to come with the best specs on the market, however for the price, it is impressive.

So could this device be the 2nd generation Google Nexus 7 that has been spoken about a couple of weeks ago?

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