Google Nexus 7 (2016) Excited For Nutella Update?

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We bet everyone out there right now is awaiting the much-anticipated Nutella update and since we’ve got news that the Google Nexus 7 might be receiving it, we couldn’t be more happier. Well, it’s Android Nutella for Christ’s sake, so it shouldn’t at all be too much of a worry for all; more like, the chocolatey goodness is something worth celebrating.

We’ve also heard from most readers that the user experience could be further enhanced too if the Nexus 7 tablet were to be given an upgrade to an 8-inch 4:3, rather than what it seems to be now. Some have also showed concern that though they’ve switched to an iPad along the way, they still miss the good old times of having an Android tablet, because it just seems to be better.

That being said, the 4:3 aspect ratio really plays a big deal in making sure the user experience is fully maximized. Other than that, most comments that we’ve scavenged seem to be relatively satisfied and contented with the idea of having their Nexus 7 updated to the Nutella software.

Here’s hoping that the ratio of satisfied users would be more than the non-satisfied ones, once they’ve successfully received the update. Stay tuned for more updates regarding this, and while you’re at it, do sound off your comments down below.

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