Google Nexus 6P: Where Everything Went Wrong

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While the Google Nexus 6P is a handset that has been doing well on the market the handset does have some downsides too. So just where did it all go wrong for the device?

Well owners of the Google Nexus 6P have been reporting that they have issues with the handset. One of the biggest issues with the handset is that it can often go into landscape mode by itself. This has left owners with no other choice but to restart their device for it to go back to portrait.

Along with this there has been another issue and this is that the handset can lock up when taking a phone call. It seems that the sensors on the display have also been causing some cause for concern. This led some owners to take their handsets back to the shop they bought them from as this is an issue with the hardware.

Have you got the Google Nexus 6P and do you have issues with your handset?

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  1. Roger

    April 1, 2016 at 12:51 am

    I’ve had the 64GB Nexus 6P since September 2015 and have experienced no problems with it whatsoever.
    I haven’t rooted it, so it’s stock.
    I receive the monthly security updates which are great.
    I’ve had the Nexus 5 before and that had some problems with build quality and OS issues.
    None with the 6P.
    Build quality is excellent, I got used to the size after about a month.
    My bluetooth headset works correctly now with proper voice commands.
    Battery life is excellent.
    I won’t/shouldn’t need to upgrade for another 2 years I reckon.