Google Nexus 6P Wasn’t Designed To Be Successful

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You know when a handset is successful by the amount of sales it makes. A device that is superb will of course sell well as people will want to have it and this creates a circle as the more people buy it the more successful it is and the more successful it has the more people want it. However one handset that wasn’t designed to be successful is the Google Nexus 6P.

Often people argue about the merits that a device offers, the Google Nexus 6P included. But what talks loudest and is most heard is sales and money. Take handsets such as Blackberry and Windows devices. Some of these devices are very powerful and often run better than the handsets from Samsung and HTC, but they are not as popular as devices from the latter two.

The Nexus program might be an exception as Google doesn’t have to rely on the Nexus 6P and other handsets to bring in profits and survival of the company. Money making may play an important role though. We heard last year about the aim of the Nexus program and this is a manifestation of hardware and software potential of the Android experience, according to the communications manager.

Stock Android is typically preferred over the other UIs on the market and a poll in July suggested that three quarters of those asked preferred the pure Android experience over OEM user interfaces.

A few years back people didn’t want to have to pay out the retail prices to get hold of an unlocked device with stock Android and this is the main reason why the Google Play Edition was cancelled. In comparison the Nexus program offers up a stock experience that some users are willing to pay for and many people have considered the Moto X Pure Edition to be the best device to come out of Motorola.

Google hasn’t disclosed the sales figures of the Nexus 6P or the 5X and an insider has said that this is because they are not selling that well. One thing that the handsets have managed to do is to get people talking about Android and waiting for the arrival of the Android 7 Nougat update.