Google Nexus 6P: Two Sides Of The Story

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There are some that swears that the Google Nexus 6P is one of the best Android smartphones they have used and that the smartphone have been bug-free from the beginning but other are telling a whole different story.

We have seen users complain about some of the issues they have been having with the device. Some of the more common issues we have been hearing about are the device flipping to landscape mode and getting stuck in landscape mode for no reason.

There were other that complain where users are saying the phone will not allow them to send a message in a 3-way call. Most of these will probably be fixed soon since it is more of a software problem.

However, there were also some that pointed out some issues with the hardware like the phone locking during a phone call which many believe might be a sensor problem. Have you encounter any issue with your Nexus 6?

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