Google Nexus 6P: Try This Instead

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The Google Nexus 6P is amazing but like all smartphones, there is bound to be some issues. Luckily some of the issues can be easily fixed. Here are some of the solutions to your Google Nexus 6P problems.

Some users reported that the Nexus 6P Bluetooth connection disconnects all the time and that it also skips sounds and stutters when they play music. One of the ways you can fix it is to reconnect the device. Try forgetting the device and pairing it once more to see if it is better.

There were also reports on the battery life being too short. While there is nothing much you can do about this, you can always try turning off some of the features that you are not using. To turn off the High Accuracy for Location service, go to Setting > Location > Mode > Battery Saving / Device Only. At Location, you can also turn off the WiFi and Bluetooth scanning by tapping on the top right button and select scanning.

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