Google Nexus 6P To Get Android 7.0 N In June

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Owners of the Google Nexus 6P will be happy to hear that they don’t have too much longer to wait until they get their hands on Android 7.0 N, as they will receive the latest OS in June this year.

That’s right Android 7.0 N is heading the way of Google Nexus 6P owners in just a couple of months. Nexus owners of course always get updates to the latest version of Android faster than other device owners, but owners were surprised to hear that they would be getting treated to Android 7 this early on.

We are expecting Android 7.0 N to bring with it many new features to the Google Nexus 6P. Multi-window is one feature and this means that people will be able to work in split-screen mode using their phone. Direct notifications is another feature that allows people to reply to notifications from the notification bar.

Doze will help to save battery life on handsets as it will turn the display off when the device isn’t being used and there is going to be improvements to Java with 8 language features coming.

So look out for the arrival of Android 7.0 N notification on your Google Nexus 6P from June.