Google Nexus 6P Stuns Pixel XL At Low Light

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The Google Pixel XL is supposed to offer up a superb camera that takes great photos in low light. Recently someone on YouTube put the Google Nexus 6P up against the Pixel in a camera contest in low light and the 6P stunned the XL.

The photo taken by the Pixel XL in low light taken just before sunset showed that the landscape looked a bit warmer but the Google Nexus 6P did stand out as the best.

In a restaurant the Pixel XL made red look orange and it had trouble with light, while the Google Nexus 6P made the colors more realistic with the red being red. When taking a photo of a person the Pixel came out the best for color of the skin. However it did have a halo around the light that was in the photo. The Nexus 6P was a clearer and more defined photo while the Pixel XL had less noise.

The colors on the Pixel XL do tend to be warmer than that of the Nexus 6P but the sharpest picture was from the XL. Again if there are lights in the photo the XL makes them flare, while the 6P doesn’t.

The Nexus 6P doesn’t over expose, while the Google Pixel XL does. In about one out of five cases the XL picks up more details in low light, but for the majority of time it is the 6P that comes out best.

All in all the colors on the photos taken by the Nexus 6P do seem to be the most realistic, the details tend to stand out more than on the Google Pixel XL, so it does look like the XL over exposes for the majority of time in low light. You can check out the video below which shows the examples talked about here.

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