Google Nexus 6P: Maybe Unlucky Or Is It Problematic?

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While the Google Nexus 6P is a great handset, it is by no means the perfect one and owners have been having issues with the device.

Some people have said that the Google Nexus 6P goes into landscape mode and it will not go back until the device has been restarted.

Some have complained that the device locks up when in a call and that the sensors on the touchscreen display do not work properly.

This led to some people taking their handsets back to the store as this is said to be a hardware issue.

However, while there have been plenty of reports about issues with the Google Nexus 6P there are many owners of the device who have not had any issues at all with their handset.

Do you have the Google Nexus 6P and have you had any issues with your handset?