Google Nexus 6P Just Isn’t Popular Enough

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We have heard that when it comes to the Sailfish and HTC Nexus Marlin, Google will scrap the Nexus branding and the handsets will be launched under a new brand. At the moment what brand name is going to be used isn’t known.

The same would apply to any 3rd party OEM that is manufacturing the handsets, which means HTC. Android Central cited the news coming from several people who are familiar with the plans of Google.

For fans of Nexus this is not good news and we don’t know why Google would want to do something like this. The Nexus brand name has been a popular brand name, more so with technology fans and power users. This may be the issue as the Nexus handsets haven’t gone down as well with mainstream users.

Of course the Nexus 6P was the second most popular handset in the US in 2016, but many people think that Google is getting in the way of the getting more from the stock Android handset. Nexus handsets have been pushed as being developers devices for those who like to install custom ROMs along with launchers. The device only got a lot of hype thanks to tech sites.

Nothing is set in concrete and Google hasn’t confirmed that they are doing away with the Nexus brand, but they might as if you believe some people the Google Nexus 6P hasn’t been as popular as it might have been.

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