Google Nexus 6P: Harsh Criticism Well Deserved

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Sure, it might have been the best phone of 2015 – so much so that it has always received positive reviews – but that doesn’t mean that the Nexus 6P doesn’t come with its own pitfalls. We recently hear users complaining about a range of problems; from a buggy Marshmallow update to a detaching screen. And that’s not all.

Users claimed that their Nexus 6P switches to landscape mode without any apparent reason, and wouldn’t go back to portrait. Then, there’s the issue with random locking during phone calls that really bugs the users. Let’s not forget about the issue regarding the three-way calling feature, in which the user cannot send text messages when they have an incoming call. But some of these problems could be resolved through a software update, though.

However, the software update could be at times, problematic too. There have been complaints revolving around the glitches present after downloading the Marshmallow update to the 6Ps, particularly with the Sync feature. And it’s worth noting that the issue allegedly ruins the notification system in a variety of services, such as Gmail. Also, there’s also a tendency for the screen to “pry off from the frame”, according to a complainant at Reddit.

Well, guess that this phone is pretty far from perfect if we were to take into consideration the problems that are still persisting. Do you still want to get the phone regardless of the many complaints, or you’re not really bothered by them?

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  1. Louie

    January 27, 2016 at 2:12 am

    Hello I have had the nexus 6p now for four months and I can say without prejudice it the best phone I have had for a long time. I have heard about the leggy system and the cracking glass. I can honestly say I’ve not seen any of these problems.. This sounds like a smear campaign to me.. Just saying