Google Nexus 6P: Good Phone But Could Be Better

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Reviewers have done tons of comparison between this well-received handset with numerous other top-selling rivals, and more often than not, the Google Nexus 6P takes the crown. But if you think that it’s the definition of all sorts of perfection in a smartphone, think again.

Sure, there is a lot to like about the phone and everything it has to offer, but if you’ve scavenged through the amount of complaints it has received from disappointed users across the net, you’d see the ugly truth about the Nexus 6P.

That’s because accordingly, some owners have claimed that there’s a tendency for the Nexus 6P to go into landscape mode and switching back to portrait can’t be done with ease. Pretty sure it gets a little frustrating from time to time, but that’s not all.

Other issues pertaining to the Nexus 6P include touchscreen sensors as well as the phone being locked up when the owner is taking a call. Now, that should be highly frustrating especially if you’re in the middle of a very important conversation. Quite a bummer, if we must say so.

And of course, these issues had led to owners returning their problematic handsets as what they’re facing are pretty widespread. We don’t know for sure yet how the tech giant reacts to this but we’re hopeful that these users would get some sort of a compensation eventually. That being said, did you have any other issues with your Nexus 6P?

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