Google Nexus 6P: Far From Perfect

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There’s no denying the fact that the Google Nexus 6P is selling like hot cakes, but more and more complaints from users have started to surface as well.

You might have been aware of the growing complaints seen on forums over these past few weeks by Nexus 6P users. And you’re probably nodding your way in agreement to some of the glitches/bugs/issues these users faced, since you might also be one of them. Here are some common problems we’ve found so far:

1. The phone would somehow flipped itself to a landscape mode, unable to return to the original portrait without ease.

2. The 3-way calling wouldn’t allow for the initiator of the call to text messages if they have an incoming call. Though this could somehow be sorted out by a software update, but at the moment, it’s still quite unfixed.

3. Other problems: random locking of the 6P during phone calls (deeply frustrating!) and sensor issues in regards to the touchscreen display.

Of course there are more, so let us know in the comments below if you have faced other issues with your Google Nexus 6P.

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