Google Nexus 6P Complaints About It Are Continuing To Grow

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The Google Nexus 6P is one device that has done well since its arrival on the market. The device is superb but it does have some issues.

Over the past weeks owners of the Google Nexus 6P have been having issues with the handset. One of them is that the device goes to landscape mode by itself and then won’t go back into portrait without a struggle.

There are other issues with the Google Nexus 6P and we have heard that it suffers issues with calls along with it locking up when taking a call. There are also some issues with the sensors on the touchscreen. Some people have returned their devices due to these issues as it is a fault with the hardware and it seems to be widespread.

Are you the owner of the Google Nexus 6P and have you been having any issues with your handset?

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  1. Frank

    February 8, 2016 at 6:07 am

    I have a 6p and I believe there are some issues that need to be addressed. 1st I have an issue with answering phone calls — When the screen that comes up with dismiss or answer comes up. I miss most calls because if I tap swipe or almost push my finger through the screen the answer call does not work. On the other end of the spectrum, if I put my phone in a loose coat pocket for just a minute I can pull it out and have 10 items on my screen just from moving in my pocket a little bit, but I can’t touch the screen to answer a call.for 2nd the landscape to portrait – use to hang but seems to be better, my imagination or wasthere a fixed issued?
    The phone is alright, but not great, at least until they get the bugs out. Oh yeah and the standard tech support answer to questions is do a factory reset that never fixes anything and takes and hour of my time.