Google Nexus 6P: Best 5 Cases On The Market

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We know that you love your brand-new Google Nexus 6P and to touch it as it is could be a breathless feeling for some. But as much as you’ve nurtured it under constant care and protection, you cannot deny the the possibility that it would fall someday. And that’s where protection cases come in handy, so check out some of our favourites below:

1. Spigen Rugged Armour


Probably it’s the distinctive carbon fibre textures that makes it so appealing, or the fact that it has proper cut-outs for the camera, flash and laser auto-focus that would make you drawn to it. Either way, it looks rugged (as the name suggests) yet still nice and thin so it doesn’t really add bulk to your Nexus 6P.

2. Verus High Pro Shield


This is for the folks who would like to add a little flare to their Nexus 6P. The brushed aluminium look may be really cool and though the red sidelines are not too feminine, if you don’t fancy the colour red, you can opt for black or white too.

3. Ringke Fusion Case


You can never go wrong by choosing this as it will always look timeless and elegant, all thanks to it being ever so transparent. It’s a great way to show off the beauty of your Nexus 6P and not to mention, the appropriate cut-outs for that amazing camera it has.

4. Spigen Thin Fit


As the name suggests, it’s a relatively thin case, but it still adds protection to your Nexus 6P. The case sports a matte finish which is great for gripping, as the phone itself is rather slippery to hold. It’s worth mentioning that the laser auto-focus would still be able to be used even after installing the case.

5. Cruzerlite Bug Droid Case


This is for the Android lover in you. It’s available in a ton of other colours too, if black isn’t your preferred choice. It’s worth noting that this is a TPU case, which means it’s a bit flexible and would definitely provide some protection for your Nexus 6P too.

What else are you waiting for? Click on the bold letterings for any of the cases and start shopping for your liking!

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