Google Nexus 6P Being Updated To Android 7.0 N This June

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If you are the owner of the Google Nexus 6P you will be happy to hear that your handset is going to be the first to have Android 7.0 N installed as the update is arriving in June.

Google Nexus 6P owners will have their hands on Android 7.0 N in June, just a couple of months away. While it hasn’t come as any big surprise to hear that the Nexus is going to be the first to get the update, what has been a surprise is that the update is arriving in June.

Android 7.0 N will bring many new features to the Google Nexus 6P. Better support for multi-windows on the Nexus is just one, owners will be able to open up two split-screens. Direct notifications is said to be another feature, giving owners the chance to reply to their notifications from the notification bar.