Google Nexus 6 Wasn’t Really Meant To Be

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We are all waiting for the next flagship handset to come from Samsung but there has been plenty of devices from the past that are worth remembering until new ones appear. The Google Nexus 6 is one of them and we found out something interesting about it recently.

Production of the Google Nexus 6 happened totally by accident and the handset really wasn’t meant to be. A Motorola employee revealed recently that the device would have been very different if the head of Android Silver hadn’t decided to leave.

The Android Silver program got closed down after the head left and this meant that several handsets were trashed. One of the devices that did escape death was the Moto S. The employee said that the Nexus team picked the Motorola S up and then turned the handset into the Nexus 6 at the very last minute.

So if the Android Silver program hadn’t ended then the Nexus 6 may not have been delivered or it could have been something totally different.

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