Google Nexus 5X: Live, Die, Repeat.

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Owners of the Nexus 5X thought it was good news when their handset was updated to Android 7.1.1 Nougat. The happiness soon left them when some owners started suffering from the boot loop issue and their device lived, died and kept repeating this.

Some owners have said that their handsets have been left next to useless and Google hasn’t been rushing to fix the issue. Two people said that they contacted LG but they were told that they had to send their handsets in for repair. They have been waiting for over a month and the phones are still being tested.

LG said that they are aware that some of the Nexus 5X handsets have suffered the boot loop issue and they have apologised. One owner said that they sent the phone in for repair and was promised a refund but then LG changed their mind and are now going to repair the device.

Other owners of the Nexus 5X have taken to Reddit to talk about their boot loop issue. People have said that their phone freezes and that it is out of warranty. But what about you, have you been suffering from boot loop issues with your handset?

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