Google Nexus 5X: LG Customers Taken For A Ride

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Most of you would have probably heard about the boot loop issue that has plagued some of the LG devices including the Google Nexus 5X. After more than few users started reporting the issue, LG finally announces that they will be extending the warranty of their Nexus 5X and admitted that it was a hardware issue.

If you think that that was the end of it, you will be wrong. While the announcement was made, a lot of users found that they were having a hard time getting the device repaired. Some people reported that they were told that their device was not included as it is out of warranty while others reported that they were turned down because of the model.

Despite the fact that LG has announced that they will be working to get this issue fix, a lot of users are still having a hard time trying to get LG to actually fix the device for them.

LG later announce that there has been a misunderstanding and that all their LG Services representative is now fully aware of the policy.

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