Google Nexus 5 & Motorola X Likely Same Thing

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The device from Motorola has been given the name of Motorola X and it was thought to be a handset that would be independent of Nexus.

Rumour has it that it will have Android 5, which is thought to be Key Lime Pie and that it could have a screen of 5 inches and have a resolution of 440ppi.

It has also been said that Google may reveal the handset at the I/O which will be held on 15TH May and it has been said that it could be in the Google Play Store around June or July.

Rumours are now saying that the handset will in fact have the Google Nexus brand name attached it. said that ‘device referred to by the press as the Motorola X Phone may not carry Motorola’s branding after all,’ and ‘ might just be the next ‘pure’ Google phone, contrary to initial reports that it wouldn’t be a true Nexus device.’

Other reports from nvonews said that the specs of the device would include the display, which would be 5 inches and this would be full HD. It would also come with a camera of 13 megapixels, quad core processor that came with high performance and 2GB of RAM.

All reports about the device are speculation at the moment but one thing is for sure is that the handset would be in competition with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4, the HTC M7 and the Sony Xperia Z.

So for now we will just have to wait and see if the Motorola release a Google Nexus in the shape of this handset, if so it will be the first since Google took them over.

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