Google Nexus 5 Is About To Be Given A Fresh Start

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Many people were upset when support for the Google Nexus 5 stopped and it never made it onto the Android 7.0 beta list. This tells us that the device is now old and its past its best.

In November the Nexus 5 was three and so this means it’s an old handset. It also means that Google no longer has to offer up security updates. While Google isnt going to support the handset this doesn’t mean that it will be shelved as thanks to developers it will be getting a new start in life.

Developers love the Nexus 5 and of course Nexus handsets have always been known for being developer’s devices. This means that it’s only going to be a matter of time before we see one of the developers come up with the CM14 ROM, that will bring Android Nougat to the handset.

Do you own the Nexus 5 and are you hoping that a developer is going to come up with Android Nougat?

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