Upcoming Nexus Phone Tipped To Be One Big Mother…

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There are new top-end smartphones coming out all over the place. Last week we saw the introduction of HTC Windows Phone 8 handsets and of course the Apple iPhone 5 has also been released. Today there is a rumour going around that the next Nexus will be the Droid Incredible X with its monstrous 5 inch display.

Google Nexus 5 tipped for later this year

Google gave us the Nexus 7 tablet along with Asus and it came with a low price and some superb hardware. Everyone has been expecting Google to continue with their line up and it seems that the next Nexus from them will be a phablet with a display of 5 inches that will compete with the Note 2 and LG Intuition reports PhoneArena. Of course at the moment this has not been confirmed.

According to PA’s source who doesn’t want to be named, the Droid Incredible X will be the Nexus 5. The device will come with a 1080 x 1920 resolution and it will run on the Snapdragon S4 Pro processor and support LTE. The main camera on the device will be 12 megapixels and there will be a front camera of 2 megapixels. The battery will be a respectable 2500mAh and it will have 64GB of internal storage. It is thought that the phablet will not support external storage. It is expected to come with Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean and this means that it would have Project Butter and better screen lock functions.

With HTC not at the top of their game anymore, the Droid Incredible X could very well be the device to get them back. However it will have to compete with the Samsung Note 2 and this will take some doing.

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