Google Nexus 4 Marshmallow Update Now Yours Under The Counter

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Being the oldest Nexus phone in the market, it did not come as a surprise when Google announce that the Google Nexus 4 will not be getting the Marshmallow update. While it won’t be getting it officially, Nexus 4 users can still get their hands on the new Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS.

Dmitry Grinberg, a software engineer for Android Wear released a guide on how to create a Marshmallow OS for the Nexus 4. He also released his pre-built AOSP for Marshmallow.

Using the guide, vocoderism from XDA Developers manage to come out with a Marshmallow for the Nexus 4. Here is how you can update your Nexus 4 so that it runs on the new Marshmallow.

Start by downloading these files.
Vocoderism’s ROM

Transfer the TWRP file to the Nexus 4 device and Update/Install it. Enter Recovery Mode and Reset to Factory Settings. Wait for the TWRP UI to load and select wipe> Factory Reset.

Transfer on of the ROM-GApps file into the device and enter Recovery Mode one more. Install by selecting the ROM. Install the GApps next and Reboot one last time. Your Google Nexus 4 should be running on the new Marshmallow OS now.

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