Google Nexus 4 Gets A Taste Of Marshmallow

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Since the Google Nexus 4 is a few years old now, it does make sense that it will not be getting the Marshmallow update. However, that does not mean that it is the end for Nexus 4 users as some developers have managed to develop the Marshmallow ROM for the Google Nexus 4.

There are currently two Marshmallow ROMS out there. The Vocoderism ROM was created using the guide that Dmitry Grinberg made while the other ROM is by Aldrin Holmes. Both these ROM are said to be stable. Here is how you can upgrade your Google Nexus 4.

Download the TWRP file and update for install it into your device. Turn off the Nexus 4 and boot it into the Recovery Mode by pressing down on the Power Button, Volume up and Volume Down button until the UI loads up.

Next, select Wipe > Factory Reset and transfer one of the ROM Gapps files into the device. Reboot and enter Recovery mode once more and download the rest of the file. The device will reboot one last time here. Your Nexus 4 should be running on the new Marshmallow now.

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