Google Nexus 10 vs iPad 4: Excess At Its Best

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Google have taken on Apple and its iPad 4 with its top end Nexus 10 tablet. So which of these two superb full sized tablets would you choose as the winner?

Google Nexus 10 vs iPad 4

The latest iPad 4 comes with the exact same design as every other iPad from Apple and it has the Lightning port, iTunes and the App Store, which is all superb.

On the other end the Nexus 10 from Google is feature packed and has the best features on any 10 inch tablet. The display beats that of the Retina display of the iPad and it has the support of the Google Play Store. So if you thought that the Retina Display on the iPad 4 was the be all, end all when it came to display tech, you will be surprised. This truly is excess at its best.

So which of these two great tablets would you like in your Christmas stocking this year? The folks over at CNET pitted the Google Nexus 4 against the iPad 4 in a comparison shootout. Check out their video review below.

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