Is The Google Nexus 10 Something To Be Avoided?

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While the LG Nexus 4 and Google Nexus 7 have had massive hype and praises behind them, the Google Nexus 10 from Samsung has been a little more quiet. In fact, it is also the only one of the Nexus devices that is available on the Play Store at the moment (the others are sold out).

Google Nexus 10 complaints growing but are they serious?

Over on the product forums, there have been a growing number of complaints against the Google Nexus 10 ranging from software issues to hardware and build quality complaints. So the question is, should you avoid the Google Nexus 10?

First let’s look at the problems. The biggest Nexus 10 complaints are 4 things in particular: Lightbleed, faulty buttons, random reboots and sluggish performance. We have 3 Google Nexus 10 units at the moment (one a demo model) and here is our reactions to these complaints.

Lightbleed: All our 3 Nexus 10 units showcase  no more lightbleed than any other IPS tablet screen we have tasted to date. So if it didn’t bother you on other IPS tablets then it won’t on the Google Nexus 10.

Faulty button: Non of our Nexus 10 units portray this issue, suggesting that it is sporadic defect and not a universal problem such as the iPhone home button which wears off after 2 years of usage.

Random reboots: In the past 30 days, we’ve only recorded one Nexus 10 unit having rebooted randomly, and that too only one. If it does in fact do it more often then you should seek a return.

Performance: The Google Nexus 10 features solid hardware but may appear a little sluggishness because it has a 2560×1600 screen. But don’t take if for a slouch. It is on par with the iPad 2 in both butter smooth usage and battery life.

So while the Google Nexus 10 may have attracted bad rep lately and seems to be a loner among the new Nexus devices, it is still a good buy and complaints are likely only related to the defective units that may have slipped by QC.

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