Google Nexus 10 Now $299, Likely Until Black Friday Only

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One of the great tablets on the market at the moment is the Google Nexus 10 tablet, it is selling out just as the LG Nexus 4 has been doing in the Google Play Store. At the moment it is not in stock and there is no telling when units may become available again.

Google Play Store advertises $299 Nexus 10, hints Black Friday deal

Anyone considering buying the tablet will of course be hoping that they can get it cheaper in the Black Friday sales. In regards to the larger tablets people are keeping their eyes open for deals on the iPad, along with the Surface and the Google Nexus 10, if there is stock of the Nexus tablet available that is.

However it looks like we won’t need to look towards retailer for a good deal on the Nexus 10 given that the Play Store has taken to advertising it at a special discounted price. Droid-Life pointed out that the Nexus 10 is now $299 in the Play Store and that means savings of a $100. We’re not sure how long this deal is on until but if we had to guess it has something to do with Black Friday so will likely be gone in days.

Update: And its gone. It looks like the $299 advertised priced for the Google Nexus 10 was a typo on the part of Google. So the tablet is likely remaining at $399. The ad has been changed to reflect back the old price. Check out the screenshot below taken by DL before the amendment.

Google Play Store

Google Play Store

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