Google Needs To Fix These Pixel Mistakes

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The Google Pixel handsets were well received when they came to the market but they aren’t the perfect handsets that many people believe them to be. There are some things that Google should really fix on the devices that follow.

The speaker does let the Google Pixel down. Not that the speaker is terrible, but what is bad is the placement of it. Many people have said that they accidentally cover the speaker over with their finger when using the device.

What would be better is for the Google Pixel to have a second speaker that offers more power, speakers that face the front or a single speaker that is more powerful and better placed. The overall design of the handset is great but the speaker seems to be an afterthought. Bear in mind that the Nexus 6P came with dual front facing speakers that were powerful and the Nexus 6 did the same. So come on Google, improve the speakers on the next Pixel handsets.

Above all else the next Google Pixel handsets should come with waterproofing. All the top phone makers waterproof their handsets. If the next Pixel devices don’t offer waterproofing then Google will have made a huge mistake. This tech is what people expect to see on handsets that are high end and which come with a price tag to match.

Finally there is the issue with the fingerprint scanner. If you haven’t used a fingerprint scanner before on another phone you are not going to see an issue with the one of the Google Pixel. However, if you have used the fingerprint scanner on the OnePlus 3T or Moto 9, then the one of the Pixel is slow. The Pixel does use a scanner part that is older and this cannot be forgiven.

But what if anything would you to change on the next versions of the Google Pixel?

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