Waze is one of the most popular map apps in the world and so it isn’t difficult to understand why the majority of drivers who have an Android phone, want the app to link with the infotainment system courtesy of Android Auto.

Waze developers have already told us that this is what they have been working on and that it would be around in quarter one of this year. Despite this there hasn’t been any sign of Waze coming for Android Auto. At the moment the nearest thing that we have is the new Android Auto interface and this has some empty spaces for compatible apps in the future. But just what is taking Waze so long?

We don’t know why Waze for Android Auto hasn’t made its way out just yet but it has been said that Google could be holding it back as they want to put in a live data tracking system.

They said that they want to create a driving profile for the owner of the vehicle and be able to identify the needs of the driver at any time. Google would then have a system where they would hold a live auction and advertisers could promote relevant products through Waze on Android Auto.

This would bring in a big source of revenue for Google and they would want to make the most of it. At the moment nothing official has been said but it may be that Google is holding back Waze on Android Auto.

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Mario Caballero

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