Apple 3D Maps vs Google Maps: Which Works Better?

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The biggest innovation among the many that we can expect in iOS 6 will most likely be Apple’s new Maps app. We can’t wait for its turn-by-turn directions, Flyover and Siri, but how will Apple stack up against Google in the maps stakes?

Google Maps vs new iOS 6 Apple Maps app

Gizmodo have got a side-by-side comparison done and you might find yourself wondering if Apple’s still a bit unripe. Of course Apple Maps is still in Beta, so it’s a bit unfair to cast too judgmental an eye, but it’ll still have to be pretty epic to pass muster. You should also remember that Apple aren’t above releasing an incomplete feature on an iPhone – Siri, anyone?

No-one wants to be without Google Maps, not even Apple devotees. It makes many people uneasy to consider a phone that doesn’t feature it – it’s as much a part of our lives as our own vestibular system!

However, if Apple is looking to oust Google Maps, they’d better come up with the goods. As a streetwise chap once said, “If you come at the king, you’d best not miss.”

Gizmodo reports that while Apple Maps looks great , crisp, clean and like a newly-opened paper map, the map doesn’t have any useful information, like the location of nearby businesses and services. You’ll see that Google Maps tells you more about street names, directions, subway stops and places to visit.

So the answer is to add more information even when you’re zoomed out. A pretty map is great to look at, but an informative map is much better to use.

Traffic: On Apple Maps, traffic is really quite incomplete, but this is more to do with it still being in Beta than a real issue, as Cupertino will need users to determine where the main areas of gridlock are.

Directions: Both Google and Apple have got it right here. Both apps will get you to your destination. However, Apple’s turn-by-turn directions give it the edge over Google Maps for the iPhone (although it’s been on Android for a while). To keep this advantage, however, Apple will need to add public transit directions before iOS 6 hits the streets.

Street View vs Flyover: Apple Maps doesn’t have its version of Street View yet. Flyover is a nice feature but it’s more of a fancy talking point than something you’d use on a serious or regular basis.

We’ll have a better idea about Apple Maps once iOS 6 officially launches, but right now, with this app lacking a lot of the features that make Google Maps so great, it doesn’t seem to be that much of a revelation.

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