Google Maps Saves 10 Million Lost iPhone 5 Users Already

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More than 10 million Apple iOS 6 users have rushed back into the arms of Google. Google launched their Maps app for iOS 6 on Friday and owners ran back over the weekend.

iPhone 5 users naturally happy to see Google Maps app finally arrive

This number makes up less than 2.5% of Apple iPhone owners sold around the world. However while the number is low, it does suggest that owners of iOS 6 devices like the iPhone 5 were happy to see Google Maps back.

Google had been dropping hints that it would release its own Maps App since Apple forced them out of the iOS 6. The reaction of fans to Apple’s own Map app was mixed and many people were anxious for Google to return to the Apple iPhone 5 which was the only iPhone which had no choice but to live without Google Maps (the previous models could remain on an older version of iOS to retain Google Maps).

Google released the Map App on Friday. The new app doesn’t have the integration that the old maps did, however those who have downloaded it have given it a 4.5 average rating with more than 20,000 evaluations.

It was just last week that the Australian Police warned iPhone users against using Apple Maps in their travels down under. According to authorities, they have rescued half a dozen lost Apple Maps users to date who were misguided by the app into the outback.

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