Why Is Google Maps So Awesome (Hidden Features)

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Google maps have been pushed into the limelight thanks to the mess that Apple has made with Apple Maps on iOS 6 which debuted with the iPhone 5. If you have an Android device then you might be laughing at owners of the new iPhone 5 and anyone who had updated their older devices to iOS 6, as they have lost out on the Google Maps as well as the many hidden features which they may not have known about yet.

The folks over at ComputerWorld have discovered 4 Google Maps features that iPhone 5 users may never know about, and some Android users may not have noticed. There were two in particular which I wanted to highlight as it went under my radar and is in fact very useful.

You can find the Labs section, which is in many products of Google and which continually evolves, in Google maps app. go into the maps app and then head into settings and choose labs. This feature depends on what Google are working on, and that’s where you can find the hidden features.

Google Maps hidden features

#1 – The measure option provides you with an extra button on-screen in the shape of a ruler. You can tap this icon when looking at a map and then choose any two points on screen and the ruler will tell you the distance between the two points, along with any changes in elevation.

# 2 – The directions elevation setting adds on directions for those who are walking or riding a bike and gives it more power. It includes an elevation profile which shows you the total ascent, along with the peak on your journey.

For more hidden Google Maps features, check out CW’s full story here.

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