Google Map Will Tell EV Drivers Where To Charge Now

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With EV cars becoming more and more common now, it made sense that Google would also start adding some features to benefit the EV drivers. Since EV drivers won’t need to know where the nearing petrol station is, Google will now be adding information on where the nearest EV charging stations are.

The new feature will not only tell you where the nearest charging station is but it will also offer you additional information about the station like the types of ports the station has, how many ports do they have and also the charging speed of the station.

Google will also add a rating and review segment so you can see what other users think of the station. The feature will be released on the Android and IOS version of Google Map today.

Depending on where you say, the Maps will include information about the different charging station. For the US, it will include information about SemaConnect, EVgo, and Blink station along with Tesla and Chargepoint.

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