Leaked Google Video Has Staff Discussing Nexus 4, 7 3G & 10!

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Google will be holding an event in less than a week and there has been many rumours surrounding it about new Nexus handsets which will run Android 4.2. Reports from The Next Web and The Verge say that Google has shared a video that was recorded during one of the weekly TGIF meetings on their internal network and this video gives details about devices that Google will launch at the event.

Leaked Google video reveals Nexus devices debuting at event next week

Information being handed to employees at Google matches the rumours that were going around last month. It is thought that Google will reveal a LG Nexus 4, a Samsung Nexus 10 tablet, and a ASUS Nexus 7 with 3G. However there doesn’t seem to be any talk of the rumoured HTC Nexus 5; but Google may have a surprise or two for us.

Android 4.2 is said to come with many new features. Google Now will be improved and the cards will be different. There is said to be a card which compares walking distance and one that show up when you travel to a new city as a tourist. Notifications have been even more improved and users can read more kinds of messages in the notification centre. There have been user interface improvements on larger tablets and there will be a keyboard similar to Swype. There will be what is termed “content in the centre”, this means users can visit the content in the Play Store from a widget and camera settings for panoramic have been updated and now supports vertical and horizontal movement as default.

There were hoaxes going around the net of similar features in the new Android OS; however we think the recent reports may be true. Both of the sources have referenced the TGIF meetings of Google and by all accounts it could be someone outside of the Android team who is giving out this information.

We have seen many leaks about the LG Nexus 4 and so much so that it seems like we know everything about the device. However the Samsung Nexus 10 tablet has not received as much attention. One rumour was that the device could not be making its way onto the market until the first part of 2013; however information now makes us think that the device is actually in testing and that it will come out next week.

There has been a Nexus 7 with a refreshed 32GB of storage gone out, however the newer model is said to have a 3G modem. It is thought that the device will be unlocked, but what is not sure is if Google will launch a brand new data plan. They had in the past wanted to subsidise an unlimited data plan for $9.99, but this never came about. Google at the moment offer 100MB of free data each month to owners of the Chromebooks, so chances are that they might do something very similar for their Android tablet.

So what do you think about the Google event if this is everything they will reveal? And do you think that Google may surprise us with one or two things that weren’t mentioned at the meeting?


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