Google Nexus 4: Looks Can Be Deceiving

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The LG Nexus 4 went on sale yesterday and many have had nothing but praise for the device thanks to the looks, the hardware and of course it’s most outstanding feature, the price tag. But when it comes to the LG Nexus 4 there is the good, bad and the ugly to take into account.

LG Nexus 4 problems

The Nexus 4 from LG has a lot of good; however the bad side is that the device does lack LTE. This will stop some reviewers, especially in the US, from being able to recommend the device. There are many that say that LTE is the future for devices and in the case of the Nexus, if this is true, it may have a short life span. Of course with LTE some say that this is nothing but a battery drainer. On the other hand chips are becoming more efficient and tech is improving. Case and point the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5.

Another problem with the LG Nexus 4 which you won’t find on the specs sheet is the real-world battery life. When AnandTech recently did tests the LG Nexus 4 came out the worst than other popular handsets out at the moment. These included the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy S3. On paper the battery does look good. However in real life this differs.

Reviewers have talked about the great design and looks of the device. However some have criticised the internals of the device, saying that corners have been cut. As the handsets of LG haven’t been as popular as other makes, focus has never really been put on the internal build quality. One XDA member recently analyzed the pictures of the internals of the LG Nexus 4 and pointed out how it lacked crash impact zones and the usage of adhesives instead of proper joints in its design.

Of course the price tag is what everyone is talking about. The device has the Nexus name and it comes in at $299. However what people don’t know is that the price is subsidised by Google. If you cannot get your hands on the device via the Google Play Store you can get it from T-Mobile for $199 with a contract of two years. However for this price you could get your hands on the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3 and both these handsets come with LTE and have battery life that is a lot better. Getting the LG Nexus 4 outside of the Google Play Store without contract will cost you upwards of $500.

The LG Nexus 4 has received some very glowing reviews, however you may wish to bear in mind that it is not all about specs when it comes to choosing which smartphone is best for you.

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