Google Is Telling Us To Dump Our Nexus 5

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Google may be telling people in a round a bout way to get rid of their old Nexus 5 device. This is because the Android One is getting ready to be released in the US following it being well received in markets in Asia.

The Android One is a mid-level device that has a price tag of around $200 and it will be set to take over from the Nexus 5, which arrived on the market in 2013. We don’t have any details about what phone makers will be taking on the production side and move is a gutsy one by Google and it could spark off the start of the next gen phones in the US.

Google could have a hard time in bringing the Android One to the market in the US even though the price tag of $200 would make it an affordable handset. Just because a smartphone is successful in other markets, as the One has been in Asia, it doesn’t mean that it will enjoy the same level of success in the US.

In the US many consumers put more emphasis on features and functions of a smartphone than they do the price tag. Google is said to be spending a lot of money on ads for the Android One in the US. But whether the smartphone manufactures will be willing to take on a big risk remains to be seen.

Google can only offer the genuine Google Android experience if people pay $650 for a device, however by bringing in the Android One they could end up targeting a new demography in the US, perhaps the people who bought the Nexus devices.

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