Google Is Burying Android Nougat For Android 8 O

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Google has launched the developer preview of Android O and made it available for download. Of course being a developer preview means that it isn’t for daily use or for consumer use thanks to it having performance issues and various stability issues.

If you are a developer you can install Android 8 O on the Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel C, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X and Nexus Player. At the moment there is still a great deal that we don’t know about Android O but some things have been reported.

Android O is going to be bringing advanced notifications with finer control over the different types of notifications. There is going to be app background limits to help you to save battery life. Android O will bring picture in picture display, allowing you to watch a video while you chat or use other apps. The OS is bringing adaptive icons, wide gamut colours for apps and support for high quality Bluetooth audio codecs.

As they have launched the developer’s preview of Android O it shouldn’t be too long before a stable version arrives. However many phones still haven’t been given the update to Android Nougat yet.