Bug Makes Google Now To Weirdly Praise The iPad

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Google will not be happy at all with the bug that is affecting Google Now. It seems that the service will randomly give out praise for the Apple iPad, when owners of devices perform certain voice searches. Google Now gives its response, then it adds on: he now praises the iPad.

iPad has weird Google Now bug

This happens when you ask Google Now the questions thought to be open ended phrases that have words ending in “end with”

This issue is apparently happening with Google Translate on the iPad too, at least according to Hacker News. Users have been enjoying it and having fun by putting in things such as: Apple hypnotized the Google founder with a magic wand, end with…

At the moment no one seems to know what causes the problem, but one thing is for sure and that is Google will be working fast to remedy it for iPad users. Check out the video below.

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