Google Daydream Headset Future Bleak With HTC Pulling Out

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It did look like the Daydream from Google might work out with HTC and Lenovo both agreeing to work with Google to come out with the hardware but now that HTC has announced that they will not be a part of it anymore, could it be the end for the Daydream?

HTC has just confirmed that they will not be developing and releasing a standalone Daydream headset. That means Lenovo is the only left to make Daydream work for Google. There were others that believe that Google will eventually take things into their own hand and come out with a headset of their own but that is just a speculation for now.

Google did say that the pre-release VR headset unit from Lenovo is already being tested and Google still believe that the product will arrive before 2017 ends but we have to wait and see if that really happens.

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