Google Could Endanger Your Nexus 6P

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We have heard from an owner of the Google Nexus 6P who bought the handset in April and found that it is a superb device offering pure Android, a good display and great stereo audio. Things were going well until the 7.1.1 update came out and then things took a turn for the worse.

The owner found that he could update the Nexus 6P to Android 7.1.1 and of course he went ahead. This is when things got dire as the handset was then stuck in the boot loop. The owner thought that perhaps he would be able to fix the handset by putting the stock software back onto the device, but this didn’t work either. He tried different versions and even tried resetting the handset but nothing happened and it is now stuck on the boot screen. Essentially the update bricked the device.

It seems that this issue has only affected a small amount of handsets and so Google doesn’t really seem all that interested in fixing the issue. Of course Google is not focusing on the Pixel handsets and they will not be too bothered about the Nexus 6P with it being an older device and its not going to make them any money.

The owner said that due to cosmetic damage the Nexus 6P has, he cannot get it replaced. This is a handset that is less than one year old and Google should address the issue. But what do you think?

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