Google CEO Talks About Motorola Nexus

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The CEO of Google, Larry Page, usually keeps out of the spotlight. So when he does an interview it is a treat to hear from him. Recently he spoke with Fortune and he talked just about everything from cars that didn’t need a driver to search and of course he threw in the odd tidbit about Android.

Google CEO discusses Motorola Nexus rumors

While he spent most of the time going around answers to some of the tougher questions, he did speak about the lack of involvement by Motorola in the Nexus program. His answer to this was that there was a lack of time for the two companies when it came to development. He said that at the moment Google hadn’t owned Motorola for long enough.

When pushed about how a Nexus device from Motorola could affect relations with some of the other Android partners he said that the question came with a lot of complexity. He then turned to talking about an amazing device, which would highlight all the best of Android while at the same time keeping LG, Samsung, and others happy.

Page was clearly hesitant when it came to playing up competition or bringing bad blood between Apple and his company and he insisted that he always encourages his employees to look over what others may be doing. He said that it would be better if everyone got along and users shouldn’t have to suffer due to the rivalry.

So all in all it seems that the Motorola Nexus may come true but not anytime soon as the company’s have yet to assimilate.

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