Google Assistant Seizes Control Of Our Wallets Soon

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An assistant should be very helpful and the one from Google is going to be even more helpful as it will soon be able to take control of our wallets and pay for things.

The new function was found in code in the beta version of Google App 6.11.13. The XDA Developers found the code in a version that came even before the newer one. One of the strings in the code reveals that owners will be able to pay for things using Google Assistant and this related to the options of the Assistant.

It is also thought that owners will be able to specify which device is able to access payments using the Assistant. For instance if you really don’t want Google Home to have access it be stopped.

Along with this the options lead us to believe that you will have to specify a delivery address along with shipping and billing address and all of this is going to be handled using the Google API.

The XDA Developers said that the feature is going to come as part of the Google Assistant APK and that it will be making its way out to owners soon. The feature may be on the Google App already, however it needs switching on or enabling by Google, to make it work.

Adding the ability to make payments using Google Assistant will help the assistant to compete with Amazons Alexa, which has been making mobile payments and shopping online since it was first launched.

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