Google Apps Discriminated Ever Since iPhone 5 & Likely To Continue

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The feud of Cupertino and Mountain View California has been going on for some time. Some people tell you that you really should get the Apple iPhone 5, while others will say that you should move to the open source Android OS of Google.

Google apps on the iPhone will never be able to offer the same experience as Android can

Often it is our daily activities that decide which smartphone we should get. After all everyone uses their handset for their calendar appointments, to check emails, social network sites and more. The choice between the Apple iPhone and an Android handset has been a choice of the ecosystem. Apple gives you iTunes store and plenty of content, the App Store and iOS apps. Google on the other hand give you native apps like Gmail, along with calendar and contact choices, while the Google Play Store is there for your other apps and movies.

There has also been the issue over Apple Maps with iOS 6, thanks to Apple choosing to use their own map app and ditch Google maps. This of course was a disastrous choice, as millions will tell you, despite the fact that some people will say it’s fine. When Google Maps returned to the App Store, it was made to sound like the app was the best thing to come out since sliced bread. Over 10 million downloads were recorded over the first 48 hours of its release in the App Store.

Some bloggers, such as the one from Business Insider, then started telling us how they never use the stock iOS apps any longer. Many are seeing the fall of the stock apps as a triumph for Google, while for Apple it is a total loss.

However neither Google nor Apple really cares about this. The sole business of Google is to serve ads and collect data so they can better these ads. Apple meanwhile is in the business of selling hardware and they couldn’t care less if you use their apps, other than the phone and messaging ones. What stands out is the fact that even if the apps are limited, it is the integration that is the killer. Users get a better experience if everything ties in together. For instance when you click a link on iOS it will always open in Safari. Email addresses are always there in the mail app. If you don’t count in the fact that Chrome is slower on iOS, people want their browser to be the one that links open up in, to ensure that browsing is in one single place. Other mail apps have integration that is better than Gmail, however this is the one that people come back to, thanks to better integration. As mobiles are used with one hand, over a short time, integration to the core OS is the key factor.

While many iPhone users will be downloading a bunch of Google apps like Maps, Gmail, YouTube and more, Google apps will always be considered a second class citizen on iOS. It’s a sad truth that has become all the more evident with the removal of Google Maps and YouTube as native iOS apps when iOS 6 had rolled out.

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