Now Google Sues Apple… Sweet Revenge?

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Google have now decided that they are going to sue Apple over patents reports Forbes. The patents in question are those owned by Motorola Mobility.

Forbes: Google files lawsuit against Apple

Apple and Samsung have already gone through the courts over patents and they have got some Samsung products banned from being sold. Motorola have sued Apple in the past over standards based patents but this time it’s all about non-essential patents, which is a different thing.

Non-essential patent import bans can be enforced and this is what Apple wants in banning products of Samsung. Google is also asking for a ban, but on the products of Apple. Of course the products of Samsung work on the Android OS of Google, which means that there is essentially a circle of suing.

You do have to consider how much it might have cost Google for them to do this as the price for Motorola was $12.5 billion. This of course does seem to be a high price to have to pay out for a company that are making losses just to acquire some patents. But then they didn’t pay this as it was more to the tune of $3.8 billion.

So it seems that everyone will continue suing everyone in the world of smartphones, but where will it all end? What needs to happen is the law on patents should become much clearer in terms of who can do what suggests Forbes. One can only guess what the outcome may be in the patents war, it could be that Samsung products will remain on the shelves and Apple products like the iPhone could be taken off, if Google win.

Now that would be irony.

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