New Android Patent May Have Users Look Stupid, Like A Fox

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Don’t you hate it when you hurriedly take your smartphone out of your pocket when it starts ringing and hold it up to your face upside down? A new patent filed by Google should help alleviate this problem by which we mean you may still look stupid doing it but it will work.

New Google Patent Means You Can Use Any End of the Handset to Talk Into

According to Droid-Life one of the largest selling points of Google’s HoneyComb was the action bar. This remained at the bottom of the device and so was always where it was needed, regardless of which orientation you had the device. the design of tablets and smartphones of today are always very similar and often there is no way of telling which is the top of the device. However a new patent from Google looks set to do away with this problem.

Their latest patent has the image of a phone that has a microphone along with a speaker at either end of the device. When the user wants to make a call the device itself will know which end is facing up and it will activate that end of the phone for the speaker and microphone.

Essentially this means that you never have to worry about whether you have the phone up or down. This is one of the most interesting of patents and phone designs and it would certainly prove to be very useful. Whether Google will actually use the patent in any of their devices (:cough: Motorola) remains to be seen.


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